Cars on Rooftops is a pop-folk band, spanning Paris, Amsterdam and the south of France. They are four: Bar on guitar, Eva on keyboards and percussion drums, Andrew on double bass and Pierre on drums. They all sing, but Bar and Eva sing a bit more.

All hailing from jazz, they bring its roots and richness to their songs, integrating striking harmonies, often heard in their four vocal singing. Their lyrics are crafted and changed endlessly, always thinking "what would Leonard Cohen do". They tell tangled stories of glorious love and pitiful politics, in keeping with our times.

Their sound is rooted in acoustic folk (think Simon & Garfunkel), to which they added modern synthesizers and Middle-Eastern hand drums. Their unique compositions are also spiced up by their affection to both Four on the Floor and odd time signatures, influenced by their infatuation with modern jazz.

...And they will make you dance. With your hands in the air or with the beating of your heart, their intimate approach to telling all of our love stories together, comes from the realization that love is the only religion worth singing and dancing for.